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Land of Tuscia

Between Tuscany and Umbria, the Land of Tuscia is the area of Latium  where the Etruscans lived.  It is a region rich of Art  and History where you can find, at the same time, Etruscan necropolis, Medieval towns, Roman ruins and Thermal waters.

 Viterbo, for example,  which is the Medieval town "par excellence", known for the "Papal Palace",  is also the place where you can find one of the best examples of Etruscan architecture with the necropoli of Acquarossa and the Roman Baths with their thermal waters. In Tarquinia, the Etruscan Tarxna, you can find the Etruscan National Museum (situated in Vitelleschi Palace) and the famous Necropoli of Monterozzi, defined Patrimony of Humanity by Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

 In our Land of Tuscia Nature will surprise you for the variety of its wonderful landscapes. It is a territory rich of vegetation: the Cimino Hills are covered by beech woods and chestnuts woods, while the volcanic lakes of Vico and Bracciano are surrounded by wide natural Parks with their suggestive paths. Then, approaching the coast,  you will find a very different view: the bare and savage Maremma with kilometers of sunny and relaxing beaches.

Finally, coming to Tuscia, you will never forget the genuine products this rich territory can offer you like quality wines and olive oil, hazelnuts, chestnuts and mushrooms from our hills.

You will be delighted by our authentic Italian dishes carefully prepared following our traditional recipes.


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